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AgVision Commodity Manager for Grain, Seed & Tree Nuts

Tracks commodities from the moment they cross the scale to the sale and shipment. Manages handling, storage and risk. Does advances, calculates discounts and storage, and handles multi-location inventories.  Automatically updates your position and merchandising reports. Contracts and fulfillment.  Progress Payment Schedules, Inventory Control and Processing. Quality Tracking. Advance and Deferred Payments. Powerful Reporting Features. Can be used alone or integrated with the AgVision Financial Accounting System.

Scale Interface Software (NTEP Certified)

AgVision's Scale Interface Software lets you quickly and efficiently read the scale, create tickets on-line, and transfer the information to your AgVision Commodity Manager. Interfaces are available for a variety of scales models. The National Conference on Weights and Measures has issued a Certificate of Conformance for this interface.

GAC2100 Moisture Tester Interface

For your convenience, AgVision now has an interface program that automatically transfers moisture test data collected by DICKEY-john's GAC 2100+ to the Commodity Manager.

Give your growers/customers access to their accounts over the Internet.  

AgVision Fertilizer Manager

The AgVision Fertilizer Manager allows you to formulate and create mixes and invoices for blends and applications. It tracks inventory levels and costs, and stores field maps and history. It is designed to be used with the AgVision accounting programs.

AgVision Financial Accounting Software includes Feed Manufacturing & Custom Mixing 

Use AgVision's Financial Accounting System to manage your:

  • Feed Mixing and Inventory (custom and manufactured formulas)

  • Accounts Receivable with Bookings & Prepaids, Work Orders

  • Accounts Payable with Purchase Order and Contracts

  • Inventory includes Feed Manufacturing and Custom Mixing

  • General Ledger

  • Disbursements

  • Payroll

  • Degree Day Accounting with Budget Billing

  • Gas Boy

To complement your Financials System, AgVision has:

  • Customer Sales History to record and track your customers' accounts receivables and grain activity.

  • Sales Commission to calculate your sales force commissions.

  • Patron Equity to calculate and track your agribusiness cooperative's dividends. The software issues dividend checks and preferred stocks, and includes a feature to enter, edit, and print and electronically submit 1099 forms.

Interfaces with other Software

AgVision offers software and software services that will allow you to electronically exchange data between a variety of software at other companies and government agencies.


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